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Simply put, Sharon is a wonderful, caring person and she is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She passionately taught me and other students the ins and outs of photography, always keeping the classroom fun but also professional so that we would enjoy what we were learning. Sharon possesses that invaluable, delicate balance in teaching that every teacher strives for (but often misses): to know when to teach students as a teacher and to know when to teach students as a friend. When I look in the mirrorI know there is some Sharon Green element in the reflection looking back at me, and I cling dearly to that part of the picture frame.

— Gabriel Levy, BMG executive, former student UHS 1985-1989

I knew very little about photography when I signed up for the course in high school. As a freshman in an unfamiliar environment, I found an immediate home in Sharon’s classroom. Her warmth drew students to her class, and made every student feel welcome. Sharon’s creativity and talent were revealed through our weekly lectures and assignments. Each project was unique and challenging. As important as the technical skills Sharon taught us was the self-confidence she encouraged, helping us to develop into mature and confident young adults. She taught us to listen to and express our own voices in our work. In sum, Sharon is an energetic, talented, caring, and highly qualified teacher.

— Joeclyn Sperling, Attorney, former UHS student 1985-89

As a member of the photography faculty, Ms. Green has inspired students with her technical and aesthetic expertise. She is proficient with all camera formats and processes and she has the rare ability to integrate applied and fine art aspects of the medium into her work. Her performance as an instructor shows a combination of sensitivity, compassion, flexibility, and a willingness to give extra time. Sharon is the consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. Sharon has earned my respect as an inspirational educator, an exceptionally talented photographer, and a friend.

— Lynn Ingersoll, Director of Photography Departmen, Academy of Art University

As an individual artist, Sharon reveals a serious, long standing commitment to photography. Her knowledge extends to history of the field, technical means, and aesthetic possibilities. In ways that enthrall and captivate, Sharon’s excitement with discovery transfers readily to students with untried perspectives. Her great personal strengths incite confidence willingness to experiment in all others.

— Morley Baer, photographer/educator

In the almost 10 years I have chaired the advertising photography department at
Brooks Institute, I could count on one hand the number of students of the same caliber as Sharon Green. She is a total person, not only excelling at her chosen craft, photography, but also a fine person in and out of the classroom. Her attitude is one to envy. I can without reservation recommend her for consideration in the field of photography.

— Richard Atamian, Photographer/ Department Chair, Brooks Institute of Photography.