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TEACHING STYLE – Sharon Green Photography


I believe to teach, is a great gift, and that every child is an artist. I teach the value of the creative process of learning and self-expression so children enjoy the exercise of making art, preventing them from focusing on the final product. What medium I use is secondary. My art curriculum provides the student with sequential and experiential learning opportunities free from criticism, to encourage the student to take risks and be inspired to explore alternative solutions. Assignments reflect a wide range of stylistic, cultural and historical diversity to make students aware of the infinite creative possibilities available to them. Beginning in Kindergarten, students are taught the fundamental elements of design to develop a vocabulary with which to engage in dialogue about their own work, the work of their peers, and to begin to develop a deep appreciation for the art in the world around them.

In my class you will find students working individually or in groups, sharing ideas, assessing creative choices and most of all, having fun. In my experience this supportive environment promotes self-discipline, self-respect and builds self esteem

It is in that magic moment when a child makes the connection with a new process to express their imagination, that I find most rewarding.

Course offerings :

Photography Printmaking
Drawing Collage
Painting Sculpture
Ceramics 3D modeling
Textiles Mixed Media